Brand Development


Redesign of Brand


The Facility is an experiential agency, multi-disciplined workshop and production house.
With onsite workshops and a live activation floor they can conceive, design, engineer, organise, elaborate and produce projects instead of outsourcing parts of a project. From touring yachts to circus tents to flat-packed houses, their team has seen it, built it or toured it.

They needed a brand refresh that reflects the industrial and highly creative nature of their work. A vintage ‘invention machine’ style was decided upon for the development of the new logo – like electrical
boxes or radios, mechanical interfaces and dials, but manipulated to remove the singular original function. The FACILITY ‘machine’ has a multi-function, as it represents an invention – a machine that can do surprising things (like them!).

CLICK images below to view: Logo, Business Cards, Print & Digital Stationery, Excerpts from Styleguide and Pages from Website.