Brand Development, Small Business

Blue Room Renovations

Simple logo development


Blue Room Renovations has a new presence in the small-scale renovation market, through a few successfully completed projects. Because of how well these projects were received, the business has already started building it’s brand reputation. All it needed was a logo and collateral that reflects that and can help develop the business further.
The logo needed to instill a sense of a trustworthy small business. The brand needed to be clear, professional and communicate succinctly.
Three concepts were investigated, but the blueprint concept won. Most people recognise a blueprint as something to do with home building or improvement. Unfortunately it’s also something that can easily be a cliche, so it had to be applied to the logo in a fresh way. The blueprint idea was kept quite vague (not the drawing for a specific room), which has the benefit of people understanding the concept in a split second. Subtle illustrative additions to the font helped reflect innovation and creativity.